Gaming ArcadeDigital Mayhem with your Friends

  • See yourself as the digital Michael Schumacher?
  • Think that once you get a hold of the hardware you ARE Rambo?
  • Or as soon as the music starts you're the best dancer since MC Hammer?
  • Are you fed up with playing that old console on your own?
  • Are you worried that computer games are seriously affecting your social life or stopping you from seeing your closest friends?

The Most Up-To-Date Modern Games In The Business

You won't be disappointed at Lets Go!, you can literally blast away with your friends on arcade games that have life size guns and devastatingly realistic steering wheels!

We have the best arcade machines in the business and regularly update our arcade with all the latest machines to ensure you can get the pinnacle experience whenever you visit us.

Gone are the days where the best excitement you'll get from a quid is 40 seconds of crusty graphics and clunky game play. We've stocked our centre with the finest games designed to give you all the excitement and adventure that arcades are meant to!

Never feel bored again! Whether you're waiting for friends, passing time or don't really want the evening to end once you've finished bowling, skating or singing in one of our Pods, they'll be something right up your street.

No more joysticks - become fully immersed in the games, designed to surround you in the environment of stimulation.

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What Our Customers Say...

My daughter Ellie had her birthday party with you earlier today. I just wanted to say thanks to your hosts for making her day so special. The party pods are perfect, the boys bowled and the girls skated so it worked out really well for all of Ellie’s friends. I’ve threatened to upload the video of them singing if they don’t behave over the next year.
Susie G